Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Visit with the Great and Grands

Morning Walks by the Gardener

Grandpa Bruce, Grandma Margie, and Great Grandma H. came out to Colorado.

Almost every morning, Grandpa would take us on a walk. Sometimes we all rode bikes. Sometimes the Inventor, my sister, and I rode bikes while Grandpa walked. We usually left around 6 a.m. We went to a pond or an Open Space area.

Last year on a walk with Grandpa, we saw seven coyotes. This year, we didn't see any. This year, we saw American Coots, baby ducks and a Ruddy Duck in the pond, though. We also saw several Grey Herons at a distance. At least that's what we think that they were. On one walk, we picked up garter snakes from the ditch and then let them go.



Great Grandma's Story by the Gardener

Great Grandma H. told us a story about when she was a teacher in a one-room schoolhouse. One time a kid was sitting on his desk, bouncing a ball around Lincoln's picture. He knew that he shouldn't do it. Great Grandma walked past him as if she didn't notice him, but when she got beside him, she knocked him off of his desk. He was very surprised!


The Funniest Grandpa by the Inventor

Last year I put ice down Grandpa's back when he was taking a nap. He woke up and chased me into the bathroom, but I shut the door and locked it just in time. This year the Gardener and I tackled him. He always won, though, because he is at least 200 pounds! He also trapped us so we had to resort to guerilla warfare. We escaped outside down the deck stairs and onto the patio. We opened the basement door, snuck upstairs, and when his back was turned, we would jump on him and then run away outside so that he would not know that we came from the basement. The Gardener poured water in a cup, put leaves in it and put it in the freezer. A few hours later, he put the ice in his pocket. When Grandpa tackled us, we kept rubbing ice on his legs.


Nurse Grandma by the Inventor

Grandma served as the nurse this past week. First my sister climbed a fence, but fell so that her hands got all scraped up with splinters in them. Grandma pulled out most of the splinters and bandaged up her hand. Secondly, the Gardener climbed a fence and jumped off, but his shorts caught so that his leg got all scratched. A few days later he showed it to Grandma when it was red and infected. She cleaned it up for him. Thirdly, a dog chased the Gardener in the street and he fell and got scraped. I think Grandma washed him up again.


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